What and How to Apply for Scholarship in Netherland?

Scholarship in Netherland is one of the most preferable scholarships for scholars, especially Indonesian students.

Study in Netherlands for international students

Scholarship in Netherland is one of the most preferable scholarships for scholars, especially Indonesian students. Beside its culture that is quite similar to Indonesian culture, the culinary also seems not really challenging as there are plenty of culinary spots that serve Indonesian foods. Netherland indeed has various programs in English. There are around 1.500 Indonesian scholars who study there every year. Moreover, Netherland also provides various scholarships. Recently, there are at least four scholarship programs available for international students, including Indonesia, as below:

  1. StuNed (Studeren in Nederland)

This scholarship is available for you, special for Indonesian citizen, who wants to take a post-graduate program, tailor-made training and short course program. This scholarship program is a part of a bilateral agreement between Indonesia and The Netherland government in order to elevate human resource competencies. One of the benefits that you can get from this scholarship program is you can propose the type of scholarship, either partial or fully funded scholarship. For the fully funded program, the benefits are including living allowance, tuition fees, round-trip ticket from and to Netherland and additional fees related to the study necessity there.

  1. NFP (Netherland Fellowship Programme)

Unlike StuNed, in which it is especially open for Indonesian students, NFP scholarship also offers to international students from 51 developing countries. To apply to this scholarship program, you need to register first into your targeted major. Once you are accepted, you need to propose NFP application to the university. After that, the university will pass through your verified application to the first screening in the Nuffic office in the Hague. Then, the Nuffic Neso will distribute your application to each embassy in each country of the candidate’s origin. Lastly, the related embassy will see thoroughly and provide the recommendations back to The Hague.

Those are all the several short information that you can learn to enlighten you to several scholarships that enable you to get your scholarship in Netherland.

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