How to use gratitude to become wealthy.

The Secret To Becoming Rich? Gratitude [Blog]

I have been doing some pretty exciting reading lately. Let’s see: Automatic Millionaire, Think and Grow Rich, Richest Man in Babylon. I know, I know, I am a wild and crazy woman when it comes to books my l literary choices.

There is a common thread woven into these financial advice books. This same thread is woven through The Secret, Anne Franks Diary, and even The Bible. That commonality is this: we are what we believe we are.

The state of your life is a direct reflection of your state of mind.

I have known this for quiet some time, but I just now really, really, got this part of it……it is not just your thoughts regarding your life as much as it is your beliefs.

I can go around all day saying to myself: “I am fit, healthy, wealthy, and strong.” “I am fit, healthy, wealthy, and strong.” over and over and over, till the cows come home……..with no change in my reality.

The difference shows up when I start believing it!

Think about this just a second here…….when you say to yourself : “I am too poor. I don’t have enough money, I am never going to get ahead.” You believe it. Whole heartily. You buy it:

hook, line, and sinker.

When in reality, for 99% of us, this is just not true.

Take a second and plug some numbers into this site.

If you live in the U.S. and make $25,000/year, you are in the wealthiest 5.3% of the world’s population. You earn 18 times the global average. At $25,000 per year, do you feel in the wealthiest 5% of the world? Why? Because you believe you are poor.

Once your thoughts expanded to a world view and you believed turning on hot water and having shoes on your feet puts you waaaayyy ahead of the majority,  your reality would change. If you believed you were in the top 5% earners of the world, your reality would change to reflect that belief. More and more riches would flow to you because you believed, and behaved, as if they would.

Thoughts are energy.

They have power.

The Bible says he who has faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains.

Harper Lee writes in To Kill a Mockingbird: People generally see what they look for and hear what they listen for.

How to use gratitude and The Secret to become rich!

What are you believing or having faith in? What do you look and listen for in your life?

Let’s take this example. Say I tricked you into believing your life was in danger. You believed it so much that you felt sweaty, heart racing, scared. Every sound meant danger. Every person a potential enemy. You wouldn’t sleep or have any peace of mind. Your reality would reflect your belief.

So, how do you make your mind believe you are wealthy, fit, strong….or whatever circumstance you are trying to improve.


When you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears. Interrupt your worry and anxiety with gratitude. Wake up with a grateful heart. As your eyes open whisper “thank you for another day” as your feet first touch the floor “thank you for my ability to stand” as you prepare to work “thank you my body is healthy enough to work”  as you prepare your breakfast and eat do so in silence while thinking “thank you for my healthy mind, thank you I can hear, thank you I can see, thank you I can eat without getting sick…..and so on all the way down your body.

As you put your shoes on “thank you for my shoes to keep my feet warm.” As your family awakes “thank you for their health, their presence in my home,  their happiness.”

As you write out your bills: “thank you that I get to pay for electricity that keeps me warm, heats my water, keeps my food from spoiling” As you write the check for your cell phone “thank you for being able to have all this information at my fingertips. Thank you for a way to easily connect with the ones I care most about.” As you pump your gas “thank you that I have the money to pay for gas and I don’t have to walk to work everyday”

You get the point.

With your every thought and action regarding money think a thought of gratitude for being wealthy enough to live the life you get to live. If your thoughts are all about how poor you are you will draw more poverty to you.  The more grateful you are the more you will have to be grateful for. Like draws like.

Abundance grows from gratitude.

I love this blog! How to use The Secret and Gratitude to become rich!

It will change your life.

I promise.

I am grateful for you taking your time to read my words. It humbles me.

Sending you all love.


She has a library in her church home!!!!

Book Steps Leading to a Small Library!

The book steps are done, and yes, they do lead to a little library in the bell tower! Doesn’t that sound like something out of a fairy tale?
But, it’s not, it’s real! I’m telling you people a vision board works!

I live in a little church with book steps that leads to a library.

The library is a bell tower with flooring made out of  bookshelves from an old local library.

Can you see a theme here?

I might have a slight obsession with books.
As a Dyslexic child I struggled to learn to read. I thought I was not smart enough to learn. Then I figured out, I just had to learn different! From then on books has helped shape my life. They are a part of me. So it is fitting that they are part of my church home and of course I would have book steps that leads to a library with book shelves as the floor.

I wrote a blog earlier showing our one room little church when we started the adventure and the progress on our book steps. 

Click on the above link to see those pictures.

So, here are the book steps completed: I can’t show you the bottom step. Well I could, but I won’t, ’cause you may judge me for the book choice.  It was blackmailed, I swear!


Book steps that leads to a little library.

Ms. Renia Layne from Milayne’s Creations created my vinyl cutouts for me. She is amazing. I would give her the name, author, and color choice, and she created the rest!

At the top of the steps is this quaint little library. The library was built by Appalachian Mill Works here in Richlands, Virginia. Let me tell you, the are amazing! Straight up professional craftsmen. I would recommend them to anyone.

A library in a bell tower!

My little library.

This is what they had to start with: I mean really? How do they do that! They did all the work but the floor. The floor was made of old bookshelves from a local library. I will do a blog on that adventure later.

Bell tower before library

In the library you look up to this view! A 125 year old bell.

View from my little library.

View from my little library.

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Thank you all for taking your time to read my words. It humbles me. Sending you all love.



Gratefullty is going to be in Appalachian Voices!

We Are Being Featured In Appalachian Voices

Big news ya’ll!

Appalachian Voices Is Featuring Gratefullty!

While at the beach I received a call from Appalachian Voices confirming that they are going to feature our little church home and this blog in its next issue!

At the the beach and this kind of news…….really? I feel l like I’ve hit the best life ever jackpot!

This is huge people!
As you all know, I am not an interior decorator or a designer by any stretch of the imagination. All the work we personally have done on the church is not professional. It is a  learn as you go  DIY style. I mean I am a nurse and my husband a police officer. So this is our first rodeo and then to think they are going to feature us in their newspaper?!?!!

For those of you not familiar with Appalachian Voices  it is a free bimonthly newspaper that has covered environmental, outdoor and cultural news in the Appalachian mountains since 1996. They provide thorough and well-researched journalistic news coverage to fit a niche not often covered by standard news media, and deliver this to a broad spectrum of readers in locations that span eight states.

I love this paper and have helped to distribute it for the last year around my small town.

It is crazy for me to think that the writers of Appalachian Voices read my blog, liked it, and want to feature it in their paper!

I just feel so grateful.

Thank you all for taking your time to read my words. It humbles me.




Love this blog!

Why Are You So Angry?

Hey you, why are you so angry?

Are you just looking for something to be mad about….

a way to prove the world is against you…

that people really are just out to get you?

How many times do you retell a story over and over of how you were dismissed, marginalized, not appreciated? Every time you tell it,  do you feel the red hot heat of anger rising up inside of you?

Have you ever stopped and thought about why are you so angry?

I bet I can give you a clue.

If you get really, really honest with yourself, you see it is not anger you are dealing with,

it is hurt.

You feel hurt and vulnerable about something, so you become angry to self protect.

Why are you so angry? Love this blog!

There are normal stages of grief. First is bargaining, then denial, and then anger.

That’s the place a lot of us become stuck.

It is emotionally  easier to be pissed off than deal with the pain of not being able to save the one you love or not being good enough for the one you love to return that love. Maybe it was your boyfriend, your best friend. Could it have been your mother, or even your child?

What does one do when the person who suppose to show you love, honor, and respect:


Most go through denial, then on to anger, and then continue to move through all the stages of grief to reach acceptance. The ones who stop at anger…..they are all the angry people of the world.

No one gets through this life without someone hurting them…a love one dying… trust being broken….hurtful words being said…lies being told….grief is part of living.

Are you the one that goes around with a chip on your shoulder just looking for something to be angry at, just waiting on the world to screw you over so you can feel justified in your rage?

You are who I am talking to.

Grieve, be sad….and then let that sh*t go. Maybe your mother didn’t love you like she should have. Maybe your spouse broke your trust. Maybe your child made choices that devastated you. Deal with the sadness of that and move on to the joy of living in the moment.

Not in the past.

I have got to start doing this!

Don’t give your current happiness away because of the past.

Just look at now, today, this moment. Then the next time you feel that anger rising, next time you feel like life has screwed you again…

Stop. Realize why you are so angry.

Think about it. Angry is just sad’s bodyguard. What are you sad about? Deal with that and then move on. Move on to the happiness that is waiting for you on the other side of all this anger.


Why are you so angry? I gotta let this shit go and move on.

Thank you for taking time to read my words. It humbles me. Sending you prayers for peace and love.